Monday, January 11, 2010

To Be Adored and its Lookbook Shoot Fall 2010 Behind the Scenes

was created yesterday in Brighton.

Can't show too much of the clothing so I am showing you a little bit of the place of where we were shooting ( The Music Library in Brighton) and some of Darling Katy Dron (from Elite London) whom so adorably modeled the clothes in this Ice Cold place (but Wonderfully Perfect place at the same time...)!

Will show you better images later when I am allowed and of course Saga's wonderful images will be shown as well when time is right!

Photographer Saga, Make by wonderfully talented Lucy Bridge, Model was Katy Dron/ Elite London, Stylist was my sister Linda and last but Certainly Not the Least was the adorable Binbin, the designer of the wonderful clothes we will be able to purchase come Fall 2010:)


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