Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Diary 14

So I am requesting samples like a mad person. I So Want for this shoot with Marcelina Sowa to be the best I've ever done:)

Second time (well actually.... the first time since last time I was not present at the shoot) me and photographer Gemma Booth are working together...first was me borrowing clothes for a short film Gemma filmed in Miami with the model Elsa Hosk.

Me and Ellen just handed over our Wonderfully Beautiful story over to a very good magazine. I am Proud over what we created a couple of weeks ago. Very Proud.

I have a new assistant who is Very sweet, Andrew! You'll see more of him here I am sure. We are working on a Zine where my Darling Jenny Tallberg (former assistant of mine) is doing a lot of illustrations for me.

What I long for now is Routine! Sounds crazy but I am exhausted by having no routine. My mom is the Queen of Routine, what happened with me I wonder? How did I end up like a wonderland Alice? Only God knows I guess...!!!

Here are some looks confirmed for my next shoot.

Top to Bottom:
Vivienne Westwood
Louise Goldin
Louise Goldin
Luisa Beccaria

W/ Love
(images from Style.com)

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