Monday, February 01, 2010

My Weekend Behind the Scenes:)

I had a Wonderful Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday I did my first proper real test on my own. I got the opportunity to shoot Marta from IMG Models. And it was So Much Fun. I'll show you all the images when they are worked on a tiny bit and when I have the "real" images from my Nikon camera.

Saturday I once again got to work with the Most Talented Ellen Rogers whom I Adore:) Just an image of the John Galliano shoes here. You will see more later when the proper images are allowed to be published here ( meaning: when they are published).

Sunday: my first shoot ever with adorable Jeremy and my wonderful friend Emelie (the Fashion Director of Purple PR here shown helping Jeremy testing the light). Lucy Bridge (Love her tattoos on her feet as you can see here) was with us and wonderful Swedish Astrid of FM Agency (yes we had terrible time getting her out of the wonderful Louise Goldin dress) was the gorgeous girl we shot.




lowra said...

Cannot wait to see your final pictures. I have loved those galliano shoes since I first saw them going down the smoke bubbled runway!

Alice Saga said...

ohlalala! you saw the show live? lucky you my dear:)


Rita said...

Beautiful my dear....
I love what you picked up....
I'm sure the pictures will be great.... don't forget to share with us :)

Alice Saga said...

I Love My Rita:)

of course I'll show you everything.

Keep me posted about ALL happening in your life.

Much love to you