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A Little Conversation with Dear Jenny Christina Tallberg!

I've known Jenny for about 4 years now. She was designing prints for a Swedish designer and I was styling the fashion show. We met, she showed me her portfolio and I fell in love...!!! She then interned with me in Stockholm which was one of my most wonderful times in Stockholm, to have this Wonderful girl around...Every Day:) We have too created 2 stories together, Tragic Poetry and Alice in Wonderland. Hope you enjoy this interview! I did tremendously.

Dear Jenny:

Lovely to have you here at my Alice place:)

Full Name: Jenny Christina Tallberg

Occupation: Freelance designer/illustrator

Current Location: Como, Italy

1 Please tell us about where you grew up and how your surroundings as a child/ teen was!

I grew up in different places, different spots in Finland, England, Norway and Denmark…we moved around a lot when I was young because of my dads job. I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers so I just remember we used to play a lot! My mom always thought imagination was important and we would never dare say we were bored because she used to say only boring people get bored! So we would always think of something to do. The horror was to be boring!

2 What were your aspirations?

When I was very small I wanted to sell flowers, I loved them so much! Then when I got a bit older I wanted to become an astronomer because I loved stars&planets&the mysteries beyond… I liked to read about the solar system&dark holes…I even bought a telescope! But I was too afraid to go outside in the dark, so I actually never used it& sold it after a while! After that I wanted to be an artist, to create things!

3 What did you spend most of your free time doing (after school and such)?

Playing, daydreaming and drawing.

4 What made you want to be when you were little? And later on, what made you decide wanting to be an Illustrator?

I feel like I never really decided…it just kind of naturally happened. I was studying fashion design in finland but would always focus most on the designing, on the drawings…I feel comfortable there and I always trust to my instincts.

5 Where did you study? Did you study Art/ Illustration?

I studied a whole bunch of things, I am interested in so much! I studied traditional Art with painting, ceramics the whole lot and those days were so happy, I felt so free, there was so much fun! Then I studied a year of new media, which I also liked, programs I learned there included making basic animations and photoshop…that was cool too. I liked to combine my drawings with the computer. I went on to study fashion design and that was actually very hard and demanding. It was physically and emotionally draining. But I am very thankful that I did it because through it I worked really hard and developed the style I have today. There were also fun moments and most definately fun people!

6 How is Italy treating you?

It is different. Sometimes it treats me very well and sometimes it eats me up.

7 What inspires you? What are you passionate about?

This might sound corny, but almost everything inspires me. Anything can be inspirational if you think about it in a different way. I like positivity but then the occasional negativity can really make you laugh! I am passionate about creating, having fun and relaxing. I am passionate about animal welfare, people, life and the planet.

8 As an up and coming artist, what are your visions and dreams?

I just want to make a living out of what I like to do, have a fiat 500 with fake leopard printed seats, great friends who I can laugh with and have a very big garden. I wish there would be more recycled clothes and only organic cotton! and no real fur anywhere!

9 Any fears?

yes. But I try not to think about them! My mom has told me about The Secret and I do not want to attract my fears..

I have read that book, I even own the video. It's Wonderful. So no, don't attract fears:)

10 Who do you most admire? and why?

That’s hard. I admire lots of people in different ways, some for their strength, some for their spirit, some for their talent, some for their ability to stay the same, some for their ability to change, I could go on and on, I cannot say an actual name because there are so many. But I admire kind people.

11 Any guilty pleasures? Secret Talents that I am not aware of (except being Wonderful of course..)?

Hahah! Well, I like to play poker Texas Hold’em&the lottery! Also I am pretty good at guessing how movies will end. And the pride & joy I can sing lots of schnapps songs in Swedish!

ohlalala!!! WHen I see you next time, You Have to teach me the Texas thing.

12 Your Favorites!

Designer: Francesco Scognamiglio

Illustrator: Elsa Beskow

Film: Some like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Foul Play with Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase

Director: Nagi Noda

Color: Candy pink or black

Song: Shine on you crazy diamond by Pink Floyd

Band: Dire straits

City: Helsinki

Stylist (hint hint..)!: Hahah, You, of course!!

Thanks my dear..... I don't think you dared say anything else;)

Photographer: Wendy Bevan and Ellen Rogers

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh and Peter Callesen

Book: “Freedom Is” by Brandon Bays

13 What are your plans for the near future?

Working on new stuff with new people! I usually don’t make plans, I do things impulsively 8-)

14 Where can we see your works?


Love You Too/xxx


My Dear: Thanks So Much for your Time and can't wait for you to move to London!!!

Lindha Marina Portman


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