Friday, April 09, 2010

A Little Conversation with The Most Wonderful Team: Sayaka and Tomi

Dear Sayaka and Tomi,

Thanks so much for letting me interview you. You are such inspirations and I feel privileged to have gotten to know the two of you.


Sayaka: Photographer

Tomi: Hair Stylist / Head Prop Artist

Where are you from originally?

S: Tokyo, Japan

T: Ehime, Japan

Current Location?

S: London

T: London

Who do you most admire? why?

S: I can't decide one... as there are so many admirable people in the world and I have so many influences from people related to art, fashion, music, film and photography.

T: Man Ray he did all fabulous art.

Any Guilty pleasures?

S: .. maybe youtube? coz time is money!

T: Eating chocolate muffin in the morning.

What inspires you?

S: Human, Nature, Music!

T: All creatures on earth .

What would you like to come out of the future? Dreams?

T: I want to be original .

Any fears?

S: I'm the kind of person who live with fears.. I think.

T:I have several fears but i can't remember now , I always have fear when i get tired but now I feel good.

What do you do when not working?

S: Sleeping, cooking or eating. But mostly creating something!

T:I'm playing hair or making pieces which is not working for me.

What is your life mantra?

S: Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.-by kafka

Which movie did you last see? what did you think?

S: HOUSE - I'm so impressed about the fact there was such a crazy Japanese director like him ever!

T: THE FALL- I just thought i never seen such a beautiful scenery in the world.

What book did you last read? what did you think about it?

S: 'The forest of the nude' - Nude is so much an inspiration.

T: Magical Hair by toshiharu ito - I am pretty much obsessed with hair.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

S: Now I really want to travel all over the world.

T: I want to make a proper film in my life.

Any news? Anything happening right now that you would like to share with us?

S: Photo exhibition at Machine-A . 60 Berwick Street. We're showcasing portraits of Tomihiro Kono's new head pieces.

T: Installation @machine A will be start photo exhibition from 16th

we have opening party from6pm you must come .

I am coming my dears! I am So Looking forward to the 16th:)

What are your plans for the future?

S: I'd like to publish my work at as many places as possible.

T I want to establish my new occupation as hair and head prop artist, no one did the same thing before. I want to be a pioneer .

Where can we see your works?

S: / fashion & art magazines / gallery exhibitions

T:fashion and art magazine in the world or my blog

sometimes in the gallery

Thanks So Much for your time and I hope we'll be working Soon together on something Exciting:)

Much Love to You!

Please go take a look at their Wonderful work, you'll fall in love:





Lindha Marina Portman

(Poster for Tomi's upcoming exhibit is shot by dear Sayaka)


Rita said...

they are both so inspiring..... I enjoyed discovering them a lot..... thank you L....

hugs my dear

Alice Saga said...

So Happy to Please:)