Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lovely Conversation with Ellen Rogers

I got to know Ellen roughly half a year ago when we both held castings at Elite London, one of the agents there introduced us. I fell in love with her work and since we have worked a few times together since, I assume that she at least "likes" my styling:). The pleasure for me to watch this wonder create, I can't describe with words. In short, Ellen is in my opinion one of the most talented photographers working today and what we see now is such an Exciting beginning. I hope you'll Enjoy my little conversation with her!

Full Name:
Ellen Jane Rogers

Fashion and Art Photographer

Current Location:
I am based in London.

Where are you from?
I am from North Norfolk.

Mainly Military background.

Tell us about your background growing up. Surroundings, Inspirations and such!
I grew up on the coast of Norfolk, and spent most of my days on Barracks or watching motor bike races. Norfolk is very flat and sparse but its coastlines and ruins have a deep sense of history that resonate deep within me.

When you were a little girl, what did you spent most of your time doing?
Playing out in the fields, falling asleep, stealing cameras from my dad.

Did growing up where you were, inspire the woman you are today?
Yeah I think it must have, coming from a small place effects you profoundly.

What made you decide that you wanted to become a photographer?
That’s a very good question, I still don’t really know why, but I always knew.

What photographers are your loves/ inspirations?
I Think I am more inspired by words or sounds, they penetrate my mind quite intensely creative strong imagery so I would say, Ian Banks, Julia Kristeva, Georges Bataille, Mark Z. Danielewski.

Where did you study photography?
Goldsmiths College

Did you ever assist another photographer? if so, did they/ he/ she inspire you?
I didn’t, no, I was asked to by a certain un-named photographer to assist her and to show her how I did things but I declined.

How do you go about planning a shoot?
I usually have a theme or idea in mind. I very recently realised that I have a list of about 10 points that I always consider when thinking of a shoot.

What equipment do you prefer to use or does it vary from shoot to shoot?
It will chop and change, I just always use film. I think the consistent factor is the darkroom.

As an artist, I know you are exploring the world of film. Tell me about this process and how it's different from the world of stills?
I’m in the throes of making another film as part of a collaboration with Prizme, I am however a somewhat haphazard film maker, so again I’m struggling, I’m not sure what compels and aggravates me about this process so I continue to hit the wall. Perhaps it will be telling and say too much or perhaps too little. Perhaps not, sorry I’m rambling.

What/ who inspires you today?
Today on this day I am inspired by an amazing texture of some black card I have seen, it is so raw, I just love the energy encompassed by fresh stationary and this card is pretty amazing.

Who do you admire and why?
There are a few remaining people left to admire I admit but mostly and unfortunately my most admired people are dead, but there is a guy called Mike Ware who writes extensively on the subject of alternative photographic processes.

What is your life mantra?
I’m too restless to stick to one ideal.

How would your perfect day be like?
Perhaps one where I don’t have to worry about money.

If you could make one wish, what would it be?
My brain hurts even thinking about that!

What makes you laugh?
My cousin Yelena she is just hilarious.

(Ellen talks about her Talented designer cousin whom I will blog about in the near future, Yelena Buck)

What makes you angry?
People who copy me, I really do hate that.

What is a surprise about you? What hidden talents do you have?
I love comics, I’m not sure that’s such a surprise though (certainly not to you Lindha). I don’t have many talents when I think about it.

Hahaha, no but it Was a Surprise when I found out:)......And If I were to list your other talents I am sure I could do that and the list would be Long my Dear!

What would you like to come out of the future? Dreams?
To make a good living doing what I would do for free.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a few ambitions, I would like to build my own house with my boyfriend, and grow my own food, have my own water supply, live away from the bustle of the cities.

Any news? Anything happening right now that you would like to share with us?
Prizme and I are working on a project that has taken us months but I cannot say too much at the moment.
I am also working on some YouTube videos on how to do some alternative photographic processes.

Where can we see your works?
I have a website, blog, flickr, I also have a nice new portfolio of my work I am happy with, I can always show you that live.
Thank you for considering me Lindha you are lovely.

Dear Ellen: Thank You for taking your time to give me this. Much Love!

Here are Ellen's links:

All images created by Ellen.

Lindha Marina Portman

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Wow, her photos have such an alluring element. She is definitely inspirational.