Monday, April 26, 2010

Me in Marie Claire Turkey

I am accompanied by some wonderfully talented and interesting people: The Fashion Squad, The Sartorialist, Bryanboy, Garance Dore, Tommy Ton and Susie Bubble.

The dress I am wearing is by PPQ and it's a self portrait. The illustrated version is created by Polina Barsky! Mine and Polina's work together with Linda Portman Sagum can be viewed HERE.

I don't understand one word of what it says, so for you I am including my interview in english.


Marie Claire: How and when did you start to blog?
Alice Saga: I started my blog in June of 2006. I had just moved home to Sweden after 8 years in New York. A new era of my life was taking place and I felt a need for an outlet to document it. It was all so exciting to be back in Europe. I wanted to share all the inspirations I found basically everywhere.

I've always loved Alice in Wonderland and the world of hers. My former supervisor actually used to call me Alice since I reminded her of this girl in Wonderland. A bit of nostalgia for what I had left behind and what was to come was my reason to name my blog Alice in Wonderland. I was ready for Adventures.

Can you tell us about yourself? How old are you, your education, your interests?
I grew up in a small town in Sweden called Uddevalla. For as long as I can remember I felt that I needed to be someplace else.

In 2006 I moved to New York to go to school. I studied Fashion Marketing Merchandising and while in my 3rd year, I started to Intern at a very well known newspaper and in its fashion department as a Fashion Associate. I stayed in this fashion department for 6 years before moving back to Sweden to start freelance as a fashion stylist.

Since May of 2009 I live in London which is Wonderful.

I love (in no particular order): Reading books and magazines, going to museums and galleries, movies, photography, fashion..., taking long walks while listening to music, dance, exploring, working with other creatives, having a glass of wine with friends having discussions, painting, romance, fairytales and unicorns, magic, coffee, New York, being in love...!

Do you think that the blogs will affect (or may destroy) the sales of the fashion magazines?
I think that the two mediums will complement each other.. A magazine is something that one can touch, smell and treasure, and the blog is in the moment. We need both. Personally I am a fashion magazine addict, I just Love to touch a page, flip the page, sit at a cafe and read them, tear out inspirations from them..!

When movies came about people did not stop going to the theater.

What kind of people follow your blog? To whom do you appeal to?
The ones who searches for magic and beauty in everyday life. Too the ones who are interested in behind the scenes of someone working in the fashion industry.

Which blogs and web sites do you follow?
The Fashion Spot is the main site I go into every day. I subscribe to a lot of models, photographers and magazine threads there for inspiration.
Nio till Fem:
Lula's Scrapbook:
Purple Diary:
Business of Fashion:
I follow various bloggers on Tumblr! Mine is:
Herald Tribune:
The New Yorker:

How do you keep up with updating your own blog? What kind of things give you ideas and inspiration?
I update as I find ideas/ inspiration.
Inspirations are given to my when I prepp for shoots, when I read magazines/ newspapers, when pr's email me news about events, prodcuts etc. Showroom appointments and fashion shows is wonderful. My creative friends fills me with inspiration and aspirations.

Which fashion designers do you like? Who influence you most?
My number 1 is Marc Jacobs. It has to do with the way he works with his teams (they all stay for a very long time) and the teams he chooses to work with; together with a talent that is beyond me. His collections are not egotistical, they are not self serving. It's to give us, the audience and ultimately the buyers, what we want. We all want to look pretty.

Alexander McQueen, Chanel, John Galliano and Miu Miu are the shows I long for each season.

I to adore: Charles Anastase, Comme des Garcons, Lanvin, Louise Goldin, Oscar de la Renta and TAO.

What is your first impression about the new collections? (ss 2010)
Pastels. Print on Print. Geisha-circus-mermaid-pajamas-ballet class. Girly yet Granny!

If you have to define fashion in one word, what would you say?


K said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed this interview a lot:)

Alice Saga said...

Happy you liked it my dear!

joancasilo said...

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Jen* said...

Congrats!!!!!!!HOW FAB!!LOVED UR ANSWERS!!!8-)

Alice Saga said...

Jenny: Du ar min ALSKLING!