Friday, July 09, 2010

Diary 35: Where I Grew up, A Small Town in Sweden Part 1

Uddevalla is what my lovely town is called:) It's where my family friends that has been my best friends since I was a child....where my teen summer jobs has been...where my Favorite Cafes are ( Snackan and Radhuset)...where my best friends children (with their boyfriends/ husbands..) is now growing teachers and schools I had/ went to.....where my hideaways (mainly around Gustafsberg) still exists....!!! It's where I grew up and I am so happy about it. My life.

I just love the ocean, houses, woods and in general the nature and beauty of Sweden.

Yes I did take long walks during my mornings.

And.....I have the Most beautiful best friends.

A Wonderful week.

Part 2 coming!



Jen* said...

Oooooooh, det àr SUPERFINT dàr!!!!àlskar norden!!!!!och gud vad hàrlig mat, saknar lax&plàttar!!!hàrligt stàlle du kommer fram, faktist amazing!!!love!

Alice Saga said...

Therese (min bastis) ar Underbart bra pa att laga mat. Jag menar hon ar typiskt Excellent pa ALLT!

Ja, min tid hemma var Fantastisk.

love you