Sunday, July 11, 2010

Diary 37: Hampton Court Palace

Me and my dear friend Nell, who brought lovely Luisa, went to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show yesterday. It was such a Wonderfully Sunny day. Afterwards we went to a barbecue at a friend of Nell's in the neighborhood.

We too had the time to visit an antique store....I have anxiety now because of a lovely lace number from the 70''ll probably see me soon looking like one of David Hamilton's girls...ohalala!!!

These are my polaroids from the day:)

Thanks to Nell and Luisa for such a Wonderful day.

Lindha Marina Portman


Jasmin said...

Polaroids are the best! didn't you once write that you were applying to lcf for fashion photography? will you go there?

Alice Saga said...

I think I'll do a couple of short courses at Central Saint Martins instead. You have very good memory:)

Jen* said...

These polaroids are amazing!!!!!àLSKAR!!!!!!!!!xxx

Alice Saga said...

Varsta Betyget alltsa!!/xxx

Jasmin said...

haha actually it is really bad, I just remembered it because I was applying for the course at the same time and now it came back to my mind and I thought maybe I found one of my new classmembers ;)
The short courses are too tempting, I wanna do them all... Have fun!!!!

Alice Saga said...

I know...those short courses...Want Them ALL:)