Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Diary 39: A Day in London

A wonderful day:) Met a darling photographer that I probably will work with quite soon....we met in Shoreditch so a lot of the street photos are from Redchurch Street. Discovered a cool place called Lounge Lover.

Too had the time to visit Miss Selfriges (image 3) and H&M (image 4) .....which of the frocks do you think I bought:??? Yes, I did buy one of them. You'll probably see one of them here quite soon.

Wore a Wink blouse, Prada belt and H&M denim skirt with Screaming Mimi's sunglasses (top image)



nuvochocho said...

nice post! come visit my blog, new update:)

Alice Saga said...

will do:)

Lucia ♥ said...

lovely outfits!!

Alice Saga said...

you are a sweeheart!!