Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thoughts on Haute Couture Fall 2010!

To invest in something extraordinary is with the times we are in. Consumption that goes easily to waste is Not.

Then of course the question is what you can afford, everything is relative.

For Fall I strongly feel for Lace...Romance....Constructed garments together with Non Constructed ones...Pumps with bows...Black Tie...To dress up on a Regular day...Lace...Romance...whites and blacks together with muted tones such a apricot and beige....bows...Have Fun.....Be Sad....Quality...VALENTINO:)....Life and Death..... all comes circle for Fall 2010.

Yes, The House of Valentino can do No Wrong nowadays. For Sure my Fave among the few houses that still shows Haute Couture. For Over the Top Scarlett O'Hara go to Mr. John Galliano whose the head of the house Christian Dior. For a black tie masculine type of romance go for Alexis Mabille, the new comer of these heavy weights. The best Coats around comes from Chanel (not shown here, go to Style.com and view the complete show) but Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld created Stunningly Severe lace almost fit for a Wake to say good bye to the loved ones.

Top to Bottom: 1 Christian Dior, 2- 6 Valentino, 7-8 Chanel and 9-10 Alexis Mabille. All Images Courtesy of Style.com

These are my loves for Fall 2010.


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