Monday, August 02, 2010

Abril Andrade Griffith

Just found her on facebook and fell in love with her art.

Quote from her blog: "Born and raise in Tijuana Mexico. My interest in the darker but innocent side of art began in the earliest stages of my teenage years. Working with different artist and styles inspired me to create a fantasy of surreal creatures with enormous eyes. I am a self-taught artist, Specialize in Big Eyed creatures with a Gothic touch. I do little bit of sculpting, ornaments, and pu pots. I am available for commissions on a limited basis. It depends on the project, the time frame, and the subject matter((Please get in touch with me for a possible commission)). I create out of joy and this reflects in my work, a fantasy of creatures are born each time I pick up a brush and start painting, I give life to enormous eye characters."

2 Words: ADORE and LOVE




her BLOG



Abril Andrade Griffith said...

Wow.. Thank you for this :)

Alice Saga said...

love your art my dear:)