Thursday, August 05, 2010

Diary 43

I've had a couple of wonderful days:) I ran into my Wonderfully great friend Brooke (who by the way has a very cute dog....and is too a hugely talented interview is to come up here soon), I got a present from adorable TBA and its designer Binbin, and I've too had a few days of Creativity which always makes me feel Blessed:) AND I found the Best Vintage store in's called Bang Bang, I found a Truly Wonderful Laura Ashley dress from the early 80's WITH the tag still on it....and 15 pounds that is.

Image 1-3 A Laura Ashely dress from Bang Bang, Top Shop lace top beneath and Pretty Ballerinas black flats. Image 4 TBA mushroom print dress and same shoes as above. Image 5 H&M white cotton dress.



Laia said...

Love your new TBA dress and how you've combined the Topshop blouse, I've bot it as well and haven't really managed to wear it in a way that convinces me...

Alice Saga said...

Yes I am very happy about my new dress:) will actually wear it today again.