Monday, August 30, 2010

Diary 46: Weekend Outfits

When: Saturday, Sunday and Monday

What: Image 1 and 2: Marc by Marc Jacobs print chiffon dress. Rebecca Taylor cardigan. Primark Stockings. Top Shop yellow leather belt. Image 3: Beyond Retro dress. Image 4 and 5: Beyond Retro lilac dress. Prada belt. H&M leopard stockings. London Soles ballerinas. Image 6: French Connection's vintage collection blouse. Primark denim skirt. Malene Birger belt. Chanel glasses.

Where: Covent Garden and East Dulwich in London

Why: I am sourcing quirky glasses, shoes and socks for my shoot come Friday with Marie Fleur!


Sara said...

Oh sweet outfits!! :)


Alice Saga said...