Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love of Today: Manuel Bolano

These amazing desings is Mr. Bolano's Fall 2010 collection. Eggshaped skirts and dresses in pastel, khaki and silver colors, Peter Pan, Lolitas and Bunnies, Draping out of this world, space age and just full of WONDERS:) J'Adore.

Should be out in stores soon.

If anyone knows a website of his, Please Do Forward it to me and I will link to it.

Correction: Thanks to LAIA:) I've gotten the Mr. Bolano's Facebook page and it's HERE.

(images from


Laia said...

Manuel BolaƱo is amazing, I have been looking for his website for you but I've only come up with his Myspace and Facebook which I already knew about.

I know him personally though we haven't talked for long, he's quite close to some friends of mine and I am studying at the same college he did, I feel like I'll be able to do amazing things as well!

Alice Saga said...

Thanks SO Much for looking dear.

Maybe I should link to his myspace then. Thanks for the tip.

Whenever you have things to show, please do:)