Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Beauty of Tom Ford

Everyone knows by now (if you don't, go HERE for some info and for his cast go HERE) that Tom Ford just showed his first collection since his Gucci/ YSL days.

Here are his thoughts on his women he choose for his Spring 2011 collection and how he from them created his collection. Quote from WWD:

"WWD: Did you know all of the ladies before?

T.F.: I had met all of them. I had met Marisa [Berenson]. We weren’t great friends, but she’s been a fashion icon all over my wall in almost every collection forever. Lauren [Hutton] I know because we both have a place in Santa Fe. I chose carefully. Lisa Eisner has always been one of my great friends and muses, and Rachel Feinstein is one of the most amazing women in the world and I love her body and I love her.

WWD: Was anyone intimidated? Everyone looked fabulous, but you did have some major models, past and present…not to mention BeyoncĂ©.

T.F.: I wanted all different ages, I wanted all different body types, I wanted different characters and different personalities. I literally designed those clothes for those women — took their measurements, thought about them, thought about what they wore. I know Lauren likes white, I know she likes a hat, I know she looks good in a fedora, I know what her personality is. That was the message: Whoever you are, what we do at Tom Ford is help you develop your own individual style. And we make clothes, we make suits, we make tailoring, we make soft dresses, we make dramatic evening clothes and that’s what we do.

WWD: Did they have input into their looks?

T.F.: No. They all absolutely trusted me. I took their measurements. They had no idea what they were wearing. That was it.

WWD: I assume you worked on their individual beauty looks. T.F.: Absolutely. I pulled images of all these iconic women that we’ve all seen before — Marisa and Lauren. I also thought, Who is this girl? Who is that girl? I put together folders of hair and makeup for each. I worked with Orlando [Pita], whom I’ve worked with for years, and Charlotte [Tilburg], who’s also working with me on my makeup collection. They’re both absolutely genius artists. So I had a great team. We conferred. I said, “This is how I see this person,” and then Charlotte said, “Yes, but her eyes are like this, maybe we should do that.” And Orlando would say, “I worked with her last week and she doesn’t have enough hair to do that so we can….” And we created those characters. That’s maybe how the movie helped. I wanted it to be as if it were a film about each of these women. If you were making a movie about Lisa Eisner, what would she look like? So they were amped-up versions of themselves. If you were making a movie about Marisa Berenson at this age and this time in her life, what would she be? Maybe that was the cinematic input, that in a sense these women were costumed versions of themselves."

Ohlalala....the style of Mr. Ford= Perfection!

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LadyNoir said...

I think he's very acctractive:)

Alice Saga said...

noone is more Dapper than Mr. Ford:) Such a handsome man.