Monday, September 13, 2010

Diary 49

I was in a car accident on Saturday!!! I still feel like I was in a movie except that I am terribly sore and have quite a large elbow of course:) To be honest, I am So Grateful that I can walk and that I am still alive. I was just crossing the street to get to the store so that I could buy Telegraph's Style supplement and boom it happened. Just like that. Funny thing...I could Only concentrate on my computer which I had fallen upon after I had flown upon the car and then to the ground. The people around me kept telling me that I was in Shock but I said No, I just need to make sure my computer is working (thinking OH NO £2000...).....this I said over and over agin. I had lovely strangers helping me that afternoon. Lovely Ambulance people and Lovely Dulwich people. I am fine and my computer is Alive:)

As you may know, New York Fashion Week has started!!! I've decided to just give you my thoughts after each city( NY, Milan and Paris) has completed its shows. One exception is London Fashion Week which I will give thoughts on everything that I am invited to. I'll to create a Love of Today post. For more fashion overall though, go to my Coquette blog.

Photos by me. Kathleen at mandpmodels wearing clothes from Beyond Retro.

Have a Lovely Week!!


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