Monday, September 20, 2010

I LOVE.....Deja Vu as Direceted by Neon O'Clock Works

This event started with an Amazing movie...and went on to a live performance with the lead star being Masumi Tipsy Saito and the Wonderfully talented singer being Wendy Bevan.

The movie felt like a dream. The performance was so wonderful that I can't think of a time I saw something this amazing. For me this was all about emotions.... mademoiselle's voice made me cringe, and I mean cringe as in a haunting looongingly wonderful way. Her voice..ohlalala!!! The dance of Masumi Tipsy Saito...can't even describe the emotions she transfers into her movements. It ended perfectly with the separation angst of what Deja Vu gives you. I wish I could go back and bring you all.

The other wonderful people whom performed were: Bea Sweet, Georgie Bee, Magnhild Kennedy, Ash K., Halliburton, Carolyn Geh, Julius Reuben, Alex Voulters, Valeria B, Sooanne Berner, Nando Messias, Lucy Flower and Symara Templeman.

Creative Directon/ Film Direction/ Costume Direction: Neon O'Clock Works
Hair & Head Prop Artist: Tomihiro Kono
Art Direction/ Photography/ Film Editing: Sayaka Maruyama

I will ask these dears of Neon O'Clock Works for the short film so you can at least enjoy one of the 2 wonders I got to experience on Friday night.


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