Friday, September 24, 2010

The Swedish School of Textiles Fashion Show Spring 2011 at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

This wonderfully great school is not located in Stockholm but in Boras, which has since forever been the city of fabrics and catalogs in Sweden.

I had no Idea we had such much young talent there!!! All coming out of Textil Hogskolan (The Swedish School of Textiles).

Wonderful surprise.

These graduates showed at Vauxhall Tuesday afternoon.

I felt like there were
3 standouts in this show: Stina Randestad who named her collection Breed, I saw several ones of those:) Images 1-7.

Emelie Johansson whose collection was called "Structure is Everything", which she beautifully showed. Images 8-16.

Ellinor Nilsen's Nobodies. Wonderful showmanship. Images 17-20.

I too liked the collections of Sara Andersson ( Prepositions), images 21-24.... and Elin Klevmar ( Efterklang), images 25-26.

Names to Remember. And a fashion school to keep in mind as well.


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