Thursday, September 09, 2010

Union & Field

A salon for contemporary art based out of North Adams, Massachusetts. It's the loft of artists Maureen Meyer and Timothy Nazzaro, a space once home to a 19th-century textile mill. The salon will unite artists working mostly in the visual side of the arts.

It will feature works by Fanny Bostrom, Mauren Meyer, Timothy Nazzaro, Tim Walker and David Yellen among others. Union Field will present an evolving selection of works by both established and emerging artists.


I am so excited about this!!! I regard Timothy Nazzaro as one of my Dearest of Friends. He was one of the first that I started doing tests with years ago.....these fashion shoots are still loves of mine:) We were both based out of Manhattan and New Jersey then. I am now in London and he in Massachusetts...worlds apart. Now I wish I could just fly over and be part of his world again.

This idea of bringing these amazing artists together to feature them in their salon is Brilliance. To see the variety of the work, how it all sort of at the same time fits together. So my Tim is a brilliant Curator.....that was news to me but not surprising.

The images by (top to bottom): Timothy Nazzaro, Tim Walker and Fanny Bostrom. All from Union & Field.

Too they will have events, one upcoming is a musical performance by Small Sur! For exact date and time go HERE.

Lindha Marina Portman

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