Thursday, September 23, 2010

Young Talent: Felicity Brown, Craig Lawrence and Elliot Atkinson

Images 1-5 Felicity Brown was part of Fashion East's fashion show this season and a stand out she was. Her hand-dyed, raw edged fabrics is in itself is a singular vision of hers. The colors feminine and the shapes= Volume and Texture. Not over powering the girl just enhances her. Oh How Beautiful. An Important one to watch...Italian Vogue does. I'm In Love. (images 1-3 are Spring 2011 and the others are from her Fall 2010 collection)

Images 6-8 Craig Lawrence's presentation felt otherworldly alien in a wonderful way. The girls looked amazing in his long hemmed dresses which was perfectly draped around the body in subdued colors and fine knitted fabrics.

Images 9-10 The designer Elliot Atkinson showcased his clothes at Somerset house Exhibition. I'd never heard of him before and was so excited to see a new talent. Very cool tailored dresses to wear with his platform heels.

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