Monday, October 25, 2010

Diary 51: My Earliest Styling Work:)

While working as a Fashion Associate (handling the market) at a magazine in New York, I started to create some tests with various photographers.

These 2 shoots were created in 2004 ( I think) and shot by the darling (and Hugely talented..please click on his name here to see his work) Mattias Olsson whom at the time shot for Damernas Varld (Sweden's biggest fashion magazine) plus other various magazines as well being a professional documentary photographer.

This must be the Absolute first tests I ever did......And I had SO NOT found my voice just I am sure you can see.

The story at the top...I have a horrifying story to tell you about that one:) But will do when time feels right;)

Enjoy! Hahaha. ohlalala. No Not proud over these. Just thought I should show you...I'm cleaning my house. Actually image 1-3 in order: Balenciaga, Sportmax and Alexander McQueen.



Bardot in Blue said...

wow great work! the dress int he second to lat image is to die for :-)

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris

Alice Saga said...

Thanks So Much for your response. I was SO unsure about showing these...!!!