Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lindsey Wixon as Shot by the Wonder Venetia Scott

I have 2 role models aesthetic wise. They are Venetia Scott and Marie Amelie Sauve. The former photographed this Beautifully Perfect story and the latter styled it. It certainly does Not hurt that the girl of the moment, Lindsey Wixon, posed for it. Amazingly Perfectly Cast.

This is My Inspiration Now. Probably the most important one for quite some time. I Am In Love:) You know how one can feel: Ahh This was supposed to be my work, my story, my creation....well that is how I feel about this one.

For Another Magazine.


(scans from fashiongonerouge)


Forgetmenot said...

I just loove this editorial! although I don't really like Lindsey Wixson... I just don't see... IT

Alice Saga said...

I'm obsessed by her...:) and can't really tell you why. Good we all have different tastes though.