Thursday, November 04, 2010

Diary 53: 2 Outfits, A Jenny and SKETCH!

Tuesday was a Planning day and Meeting day! Met up with wonderful Jenny @ SKETCH (which is such a cool cute place in Mayfair, London) to have some rosebud tea and soya latte:) Then off to meetings rest of the day. Yesterday was press day appointments for me.

Images top to bottom: 1-3 at SKETCH. 4-6 Outfit for Tuesday was a Beyond Retro dress. Top Shop sunglasses, belt and jacket. Fogal stockings. French Sole ballerinas. 7-8 Wearing a Beyond Retro pink dress, sweater and belt. Fogal stockings. French Sole ballerinas.

My new clothing racks has arrived:) SO HAPPY about this. Can now hang up all my clothes that's been hanging out on all my chairs and on my table for the past 3 months...!!!! Maybe I will start to wear other things than from Beyond Retro and Top Shop now....!!! Love those places but would be lovely with some variations.


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