Sunday, November 07, 2010

Diary 54: TODAY!

It's been a lovely day so far! Started with a long walk in Dulwich Woods which always makes me feel happy and serene. Then home to clean my house and to organize my clothes. Very difficult today to choose what dress to wear under my sweater....but finally decided. After that I went to my local Cafe Nero for a soya latte to read The Sunday Times Magazine. And finally here at my darling Franklins, working on understanding photoshop and to blog of course.

Images: 1-4 A Lovely fall day in Dulwich Woods. 5 Outfit 1...Beyond Retro sweater, belt and shoes. Rebecca Taylor fairy tale dress:) Fogal stockings. 6 Outfit2...Same sweater and belt. Laura Ashley blue flower print dress. Fogal stockings. French Sole ballerinas. 7 At Cafe Nero with my photography notes and The Sunday Times Magazine. 8 with my Dear Mac at my Fave place, Franklins, whom has the best staff in London (in particular one Antonio:) )Reading the blog full of wonders, Nio till Fem.

My 2 mother's are coming to visit me this week. It's my birthday on Friday the 12th:) Can't Wait!!!


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