Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love of Today: Bin Bin for TBA at Urban Outfitters Spring 2011

As I am sure you know by now...I Love Bin Bin's work for her label To Be Adored. And yes I did style her lookbook for Fall 2010:) Ever since I laid my eyes on her designs I fell in Wonder!!! No one else in England creates what she creates and she just Stood Out from Day 1.....perfectly amazingly so in comparison to the rest..... that is what she does best in a world full of just too many things to NOT adore. Every Single piece that she creates are items that makes woman and girls lust for. And why would one buy new things when one owns practically everything to start with??? Unless you've fallen in love with a particular piece...!!!

So after a wonderful presentation at Urban Outfitters (See top was served wonderful cakes) yesterday, the one and only designer I fell for all over again was To Be Adored. This is a tiny taste from its Spring 2011 collection.

Linda Marina Portman


Starr Crow said...

I love your blog so much, Linda! I always discover the best stuff her. I think you are the reason I found out about the TBA line in the first place... Bin Bin is one of a kind!! Do you know when the spring lookbook will come out?


Alice Saga said...

Thanks so much!! what a lovely comment.

Her spring lookbook is finished and out, but probably not shown to the public until January.

Much Love

Starr Crow said...

Thanks for the response. You're the best! Can't wait to see more. :)

Alice Saga said...

xxx you are wonderful:)

Candy said...

TBA looks very similar to girly brands like Sretsis, Disaya and Elizabeth fact some pieces are almost identical

Alice Saga said...

Maybe they share the same inspirations?:)

I actually went to see Elizabeth Lau's fall collection when she exhibited during fashion week, and it looked nothing like TBA.

I've never heard of the other 2 designers.