Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love of Today......

Siri Tollerod being the Like A Virgin girl at Lanvin hearts H&M fashion show last week. Such Beauty!

Did not get One Single Thing from this collection Despite being up and by my computer 7am clicking away Every Single Second....!!! Upset I was but not anymore. Who Cares.

(image from tfs)


hlb said...

this happened to me too! i ended up calling the customer services line and telephone ordering the last of the black/brown tulle dresses, i'm very excited!

i am sure you will manage to get something if you head back there on friday or saturday, many people are bound to return things that didn't fit right!


Alice Saga said...

Such SMART thinking!!!!

Next time I'll think of that:)

Yes, I probably will go in on Friday then.

Have a lovely Wednesday.