Saturday, December 04, 2010

Diary 59: Behind the Scenes of La Danse

Today I Finally got back my information from my old computer that died about a year ago...Yes I did spill water on my darling. Sorry!!! Now I'll start to show some love of mines again, loves of mine that has been deeply missed.

I worked with Lowe Seger on a shoot that we called La Danse early 2008 (I think...not sure about when exactly), an homage to David Hamilton and his work. This was one of the days that we were shooting, the location was The George Tavern on Commercial Road in London. I fell in love with the owner's kittens:) and Of course in the Extraordinary house of this Lady who owns it(the location is located on top of the tavern, which is her apartment that she rents out for shoots)...!!!

You can view parts of the finished story HERE. One day I should actually show you the complete story since it's so wonderfully beautiful.

Tomorrow is the 2nd of Advent and I am going to the lovely Swedish Church. Have an Adorable rest of the weekend:) See you Monday.

Linda Marina Portman

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