Thursday, December 09, 2010

Diary 60: Behind the Scenes...

I am SO happy to have access to my old computer and all my pictures from my time in Stockholm. When I look back I feel that I actually had 3 wonderful years there even though I at the time thought it to be a terrible time. I was lucky to meet some wonderfully amazing people plus one soul mate:) MISS YOU BY THE WAY and our wonder shoots, if you happen to read this.

Image 1-4: We were creating an editorial lookbook in a large format for the designer (and graduate of Beckmans in Stockholm at the time) Alice Shulman. The 3 beautiful girls are the top are Mickalea Tombrock, Eija Skaarsgard and Nike Felldin. Nike was my lovely assistant at the time and she had to jump in as an extra model here since we needed 3 legs:) The 2 funny is Jacob (a very talented art director) and the other one I can't for my life remember what his name is...!!Only that both of them worked with a very cool magazine called Odd at Large at the time (it does not exist anymore).

Images 5-9 The Casting for Snow White for a magazine called JNC. My Lovely Best Friend at the time (and a Super Brilliantly Talented photographer), Martina Olsson and I had such a Wonder day together with her soul mate Johan Miderberg (a brilliant talent too in so many ways). And of course with Millions of models. Martina and Johan (image 6), me (image 5) and Nike Felldin (image 7) as the "Castors", The weirdly funnily styled "dwarfs" and then the Snow White which we in the end finally finds... hahaha!!!

You can view some of the photos HERE.

Image 10: Lovely Lena Modigh in action:) The model was our Quirky Cute Tennis Player whom actually does not know how to play.

Image 11-12: Yvan Rodic, famously known as Facehunter. Me and photographer Jenny Lexander shot a story for a Swedish magazine called Modette (sadly it does not exist in print anymore, just as a website) in Paris. Yvan was my Mick Jagger in the 60's and the girl was my Marianne Faithful. It was such a fun day.

Maybe some more to come in the near future. I was Highly Productive in Stockholm. Just having fun with it all.

Yes image 5 is me looking Very Tired but excited for the shoot that day. I had Just got the coffee that I used to CRAVE 3 times/ day.....7 - Eleven:) Wearing my favorite color, Lilac.



Sana said...

Det är verkligen synd att modette inte finns kvar längre som tidning och hemsidan är inte särskilt längre bra heller men jag har iaf kvar några gamla nummer :)

Alice Saga said...

ja det ar synd eftersom det inte finns nagot liknande i Sverige. Jo, jag har ocksa kvar ett par tidningar:) men det ar ju for att jag gjorde nagra jobb for dem.