Monday, December 13, 2010

Diary 61: A Lovely Sunday!

I had a wonderful day yesterday. The weather was cold but sunny which in my world wintertime = Perfect.

I first went to Somerset House cause I had read on Another Mag's website that they would have a Christmas Market.....I did not expect to find other wonders there; to name a few: Rene Gruau, Hemline: The Moving Screen and some special photos of the band Joy Division. Plus a delicious cafe..What do you think I had??

After Somerset, I walked over the bridge to the Southbank Centre. And another Christmas Market:) fell in love with this one actually. Too... BFI is right next to this center and it's the MOST wonderful place to see old movies. Me and Jenny went Saturday afternoon to see the silent movie "The Affairs of Anatol" and this gentleman played the piano to it for the complete 2 hours. Such a wonderful experience.

My outfit? An Hermes scarf, Rebecca Taylor skirt, Top Shop coat, Chanel glasses and Russell & Bromley shoes.

Can you see me in image 13?:)



Anonymous said...

I love that caroussel, I spent some time on it...
Lovely images!

Alice Saga said...

I wish I had spent some time on it:)

Thanks so much!!!