Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes!!!

Me and The Most Adorably Kind (and talented.....she gave me the most beautful weekend I have had in a Long time) Ellen Rogers created a story together on Friday in the wonderful area Norwich.

The story is to be published in April/ May in a very special magazine:)

On Saturday Ellen took me and my assistant Eve around Norwich and I fell in Love.

This is from Friday am at Starbucks inside Liverpool Street Station waiting for our train to where one buys the best tea in Norwich Saturday am.

Lindha Marina Portman


hlb said...

ooh i am so sad that i couldn't be there! i can't wait to see the pictures!xx

Alice Saga said...

Yes:) can't wait to see the pictures.

Alice Saga said...

oh Lovely:) So sad you could not be there. Can't wait to see you again!!!!

You were still the photographer's assistant.