Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Diary 63: 2010 Part 1 January- April

Hi My Loves:

I Wish You All the Most Wonderful 2011!!!

I just came back from my small town in Sweden. It's been Brilliantly Beautiful to be home and surrounded by my closest ones ca 100% of the time:)

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I am a little bit overwhelmed.

I need to concentrate on my next shoot I have with the darling Ellen Rogers. Can't wait to collaborate again with my love!!! Actually, she and I created my first shoot of 2010 and the same is about to happen 2011:)

And Yes, I am moving on for 2011!!! On so many levels....Can't wait to share it with you all.

Here is my 2010 from January- April. Part 2 to come in a couple of days.

Images from top to bottom: 1-3 My January:) A shoot with darling Saga for TBA, my first test shoot with wonderfully cute Marta at IMG and last but most importantly behind the scenes of mine and Ellen's shoot for Crash Magazine. The lovely orange dress worn as a skirt is a creation by Charles Anastase. 4-5 February: A self portrait while styling a shoot for Test Mag. with Gemma, London Fashion week and its homage to the Hugely talented late Alexander Lee McQueen. 6-7 March: Snuttan....the wonderful cat as belonged by my lovely friend Camilla. Me and that cat fell in love with each other and everyday after exploring the streets of New york once again this was the face that got to me, hahaha!!!, Flowers at one of my fave places in New York, Balthazar. 8-13 April: Spring in London..., me in a wonderful white dress, Another me:) in a Marc Jacobs jacket, Lots of lunches at the V&A, On one of my regulars walks I ran into this family, hahahaha!!!! And finally me with my wonderful Diana camera and Top Shop jumpsuit.


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