Monday, January 10, 2011

Diary 64: May- September 2010

Again, as the year of 2010 moved on I began to feel happier and happier!!! I think it had to do with getting closer relations and working with some lovely people. I Wish for more of this in 2011!!!

Here is my May- September: Images 1 Dulwich park full of blossoms, 2 then a Lovely afternoon meeting the darling Nell Trotter at the oldest wine bar in London, Gordons. 3-6 June Las Palmas. This city was the Wonder of My Year in 2010....My Stepfather (one of them) turned 60!!!!. Image 3 a lovely street in Las Palmas, 4 me in my Rebecca Taylor dress on the eve of my Hans 60th:), 5 the ocean, 6 my lovely Guardian Angels one of them being my Mothers... How beautiful is she???. 7 In June I too started a long series of self portraits. Image 8 in July wearing a Rebecca Taylor blouse, Primark denim skirt and Top Shop belt. Images 9-15 my trip to my home town Uddevalla, Sweden in July:) My fave cafe "Snackan" where I walked every morning for coffee and to read the news paper,My mother, the lovely ocean and then the children of my best friends, then My Best Friend Therese. Image 16 August! another self portrait....A Ghastly Lady In My Garden! Image 17-18 Me and Lovely Nell went to a wonderful festival called the Port Eliot Festival. 19 I shot the lovely Kathleen from mandpmodels, here she is wearing a Zara dress and lace from VV Rouleaux. The whole story to be seen here soon:)! 20 I wore this dress from a vintage stall in Islington ca every other day all of August:) French Sole ballerinas. 21 I ran into Madonna's filming of W.E. and I felt all of a sudden like a teenager being Obsessed by Madonna. Only saw her for ca 2 minutes out of I think 5 hours...teenage Crush to say the least. You can view Many more photos from that day HERE. 22 I was highly busy in August of 2010!!! I shot this darling as my Dying Swan. Here she is full on wearing clothes from Beyond Retro. The full story can be seen HERE.
23 And then came Alberte (IMG) whom I fell in love with. So Amazingly cute. Here she is wearing a Chanel blouse, Top Shop skirt, Beyond Retro bow belt, Fogal knee highs and Chloe platforms. Full story HERE. 24-25 Got to work with lovely Kathleen again...!!! Shown here is the hair and make up table and then the girl wearing a Rokit sweater, Zara dress, Beyond Retro belt and shoes, Tabio socks. 26 ohlalala September....too many photos to show. It was fashion week. But it started out beautifully with Tomi's show he had in Shoreditch on the opening day of fashion week. Having the lovely lady Wendy Bevan sing/ perform together with other amazingly talented performance artists. One can see the whole thoughts of mine HERE and HERE.

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