Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Diary 68: Behind the Scenes with Another Love of Mine:)

His name is Timothy Nazzaro!!!

I love love love working with you Mr. Nazzaro and can't wait for more.

Top story we created with an Adorably cute teen called Jessica:) We both fell in love with her. My bohemian girl. What I remember from this second story is that she did not know English....!!!! Only yes, no, chin up and chin down hahaha!!! Our "sporty" story. Story 3 was cool! The girl was cool. And the last one we did was with cute Melody out a field in New Jersey. Tim following her aournd, or rather they were running around. The story turned out to be beautiful but remember being concerned in that moment:) Clothing wise I called the black story.

Almost all these stories can be viewed HERE (see if you can find them..)

He currently has an exhibition, it's called Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven and it's showing until March 12th at Columbus College of Art & Design on 60 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH!

For upcoming projects/ works of his go to his website Timothy Nazzaro.

All the stories we created here we shot in New Jersey, the last one we created was done in Stockholm and I am so proud of that one. You can view it HERE.

linda marina portman


S said...

amazing photos and outfits!

Alice Saga said...

Ah!!!!! you Made My Day:) Thanks so much for your positive comment./xoxo

100 Applegate said...

Great way to spend a day!! Everyone should have their own photo shoot!! Thanks for inspiring!! Best, CC
P.S. Be sure to stop by my new vintage jewelry shop!!

Alice Saga said...

We've had soooo many wonderful days working together:)

Will stop by your shop now.