Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Diary 73: A Week of My Life

A week full of wonders!!

Images: 1 A couple of walks around Dulwich park. 2&3 Had a planning session at The Ritz:) 4&5 Went to see the beautiful Aspley House 6&7 The Magic of Dennis Severs' House, I fell In Love that day..!!! 8 Marks Club:) Full of Charlotte Olympia loves. 9 Sunday was spent at the Swedish Church in London. It was such a beautiful sermon. 10 Obsessed recently by churches and its interior...this image is from the Mount Street Church or as it's called: Farm Street Church. 11&12 First time going to the movies in London and I Loved the experience, here is an image of a bee and its love for Coca Cola hahaha...the movie? The best I've seen in Ages..."Black Swan" with the brilliance of Natalie Portman. 13-17 ME:)


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