Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Love of Today: Pyrus

I fell in love with this brand & shop Pyrus the other day!!

The collection was partly inspired by David Hamilton and his film "Bilitis". Mr. Hamilton happens to be a main inspiration in my work so no wonder I connected to it.

The store is very interesting since it is too a little gallery. If one goes downstairs, there is an exhibition which at the moment features Hin's "It's Almost Painless"! Here is a quote from Pyrus website in regards to the exhibit: "
Life & death is the beginning & the end of our physical body. As much as it is an enormous pain to lose someone around us but this experience does not necessarily have to be a negative one.
Enormous pain often leads to an opportunity to expand our inner capacity as a human being emotionally & intellectually.
Many people believe those who passed away are still remaining along side us spiritually. Is that the case? Or is it unimportant as long as we have made the most of this opportunity. Once we have made this step, when we look back into our path we will forever treasure this vital lesson we once had."
PYRUS @ 10 Newburgh Street, London


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