Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Wonders at Robinson Pfeffer's Fall 2011 Press Day

Robinson Pfeffer is a Lovely Pr Agency full of Cool Wonders.

I went to their press day today and was fed delicious food from Chop'd and the most Glorious drink called Vita Coco ( 100 % pure coconut water)!

Images, top to bottom: 1-6 Stolen Girlfriends Club, 7-8 We Are Handsome beautiful swimwear, 9-10 cool shoes from Beau Coops for Karen Walker....11 the food and drink:) 12 A Me in Top Shop and then a couple of wonders in Dulwich, My Beautiful Home.

Enjoy too my little video of the the Press Day! Wonderful layout which made it easy to see all the fall collections/ samples.

By the way:) I have a visual diary (in the moment always):



Robinson Pfeffer Fall 2011 Press Day from Alice Saga on Vimeo.

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