Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diary 81


So many Wonderful Places in London!!!

Top to bottom: 1 My home East Dulwich and its train station I visit every day...!!! 2&3 Flowers Flowers Flowers and Spring in London Finally. So Happy. 4-8 Camden Town & Market plus nearby the lovely area of Chalk Farm. Came to fix my retro sunglasses at the perfection place Arckiv (Highly Recommend this place for new glasses plus reparing). 9-11 I went to the Hammersmith area where I found some beauties...!!! 12 Had a meeting with a Zoe and she had such a beautiful Goat Cheese Sandwich at the Wonderful place Aubaine. 13 My lunch today at the Albion. 14 Again from today while crossing London Bridge. 15 Me:) in a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and vintage sunnies.


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