Monday, April 18, 2011

Diary 82: A Fun Weekend

I just had the most wonderful weekend I've had in Years:) Thank you Marie-Fleur, James and Lowe!!!

Top to bottom: 1-4 Me and Marie-Fleur met up Friday afternoon at the Albion! Later on a Mr. James came to meet us. The most lovely man on earth, I am so sad I don't have a proper photo of you. 5-7 Then we went to Shoredith House. The beautiful image is one of Marie-Fleur's polaroids she kept on taking through the night. Yes, that's her enjoying her own art, hahaha!!! I played pool...Can you Imagine???8 The day after....!!!! Super Hungry. So, Pita bread and Hummus and some cookies at Vintage Prettys..:). 9 A Long Walk Sunday morning around Dulwich. 10 Ended the weekend with a Long night together with my darling Lowe. Lot's of fun at The Bishop. 11 This morning ready for the week. Vintage dress, Top Shop sunnies & cardigan, Pretty Ballerinas.



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