Friday, April 01, 2011

Temperley Fall 2011

Wonderfully Cute and Kind (and on top of it all Swedish)Petrina of Temperley showed me around the showroom yesterday full of Temperley's Fall 2011 Collection, which is Astoundingly Beautiful.

The collection reminded me of Temperley at its beginning 10 years ago, which I remember loving.

I feel too that the lower priced (think Marc by Marc Jacobs prices) "Alice" has found its roots. The white dress and leather pants, need I say more???!!!

So many pieces to lust over.....I Madly Madly fell in love with the skirt at the top. Dear God in Heaven?

After my press appointment I strolled around Notting Hill and ended up at the lovely Beach Blanket Babylon:)

Yesterday was Such a Beautiful Day.

Images: 1 Outside of the headquarters of Temperley...being Very British:) 2 The adorable Petrina holding a piece i badly want in my house. 3- 7 Temperley Fall 2011 Collection. 8-11 Alice by Temperley. 12 Their Bridal Collection which is so Wonderfully Perfect. 13 One corner of the showroom. 14-15 @ Beach Blanket Babylon reading The Wall Street Journal. 16-17 Notting Hill and its architecture. 18 The last girl here is me:) Today's Outfit celebrating me living in London for exactly 2 years. Time Flies. Wearing a dress from Independent Kostym.


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