Sunday, May 08, 2011

Behind the Scenes of My and Marie-Fleur's Material Girl Shoot:)

I am cleaning up my computer (it's full.. can you believe??) and therefore going through my Complete Thousands and Thousands of photos...!!!:) Thought it fitting to show you this now.

I went to Relative MO's press day in the fall to view the Spring/ Summer 2011 collections and I actually shot Several of the items I used in this shoot!!!:) For ex. this Charles Anastase jumpsuit (top image), Preen skirt (second image)!! Scary Funny.

The day before this shoot I developed a Harsh allergic reaction so I can't say that I felt my best, but Marie-Fleur made it being such a wonderful day that in the end I sort of forgot about my condition haha. Full of red dots I was of course anyways. Thanks to the team for not freaking you out.

Marie-Fleur build the whole complete set inside. Amazing. It actually was an emply old office full of ugly things and she just turned it upside down to beauty.

I am Madly in love with our shoot. Will show you the complete story (together with outtakes) in a couple of day.

Linda Marina Portman


Laia said...

I am so loving what I am seeing of this :) congratz on such a nice work!

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