Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diary 84: Tuesdays and Wednesdays:)

I had the most beautiful day today.

Always inspired by the ballet and now at The National Portrait Gallery their is a little exhibit Ballet in Foucs that is adorable. They too have photos up of The Rolling Stones, a young Mick Jagger being Such A Cutie.

Then off for the Lulu Frost tea party at Kettners where love Sara (of Relative MO)showed me around and introduced me to the talented designer Lisa (see images in the following blog post). Champagne!

Yesterday was Full of computer work but too a tiny visit at The Orangery and Selfridges to view the exhibit Washed Up which is full of Alexander McQueen's, Hussein Chalayan's and alike:)

By the way:) Kettners have an event called COQUETTE!!! Sounds familiar? Amazing.

The 2 top photos is taken in East Dulwich, Such a Bohemian Wonderful Existence.

Images: 1-2 East Dulwich, 3 The Swedish Church, 4 The Rolling Stones at the National Portrait Gallery, 5 The window display at Selfridges, 6 Ballet in Focus at the National Portrait Gallery, 7 at The Orangery:), 8 Outside of Kettners today before the Lulu Frost event discovering their Coquette event.


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