Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diary 90: Prepp Days:) and....a Market Appointment

I have had the Best 2 days:) Thanks to my lovely assistants Fiona and Mafalda!!! We have been prepping for mine and Love Marie-Fleur's shoot that is happening tomorrow:) Images: 1: Valentino Fall 2011 dress. 2 My fave dress from Emilio de la Morena:) :) :) that kindly Alice and Sara lent to me from Relative/ MO. 3 my edit for tomorrow. 4 my Adorably cute assistants holding up my faves:) not the best images of them. They are a millions times cuter but I Had to Post this haha.. 5 We're at the Chanel Boutique picking out jewelry for tomorrow. 6 Me and Mafalda haha. Fiona was to be in this picture but I missed her. Have NO idea how this happened. ohlalalala. Such a photographer right????. 7 The showroom of the lovely team of Hugo Boss. 8 The showroom of The Communications Store which hold a lovely darling called Caz....we got Amazing Missoni from here:) . 9-15 Me and Fiona went to Yellow Door's presentation yesterday. My fave was of course Acne. Lovely Roxanne showed us around. Acne bags= LOVE in my world.

Marie-Fleur Hallelujah:)

And Yes....I think I have met the kindest person today in know who you are. X Alice

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