Thursday, July 21, 2011

Diary 91: Some Photos During one of those Prepp Day's

I have been all over the town of London today. Prepping Prepping for a shoot this weekend. Exhausted now.

Every single time I do day's like this I take photos of what catches my eye.
These are the ones for today!

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The lace? ohlalala. I fell in love. It's French Chantilly Lace and £90/ meter...!!! It had to be a no.

1 Ottolenghi in Kensington after a Temperley appointment. 2 Cathing the bus to go to Knightsbridge this amazingly adorable pub caught my eye..!!! I will go soon to explore if the inside matches the beauty of the outside:) Fuller Smith & Turner. 3 The lace....can be bought at MacCulloc & Wallis. 4 The lovely wedding cake I found after visiting the beautiful showroom of Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Quite close to Knightsbridge station, the shop is called Panache Cakes.


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