Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diary 93: My July:)

Yes I am praying for the people of Norway. So Sorry and So Sad about what has happened..!!! What is it that creates this sort of anger?

This post has nothing to do with the above however sad I am about it. No matter how much I pray about it. It's private to be honest.

Alice is supposed to be full of Positivity.....! It's hard to keep ones opinions silent though when things like this happens to humanity, believe me.

I am in love with my Adorably lovely assistant:) hahaha. Such a cutie. Thanks for your time in July:) You did brilliant.

Marie-Fleur? Another lovely love of my life. Finally we are building hahaha. Please bring mer more pleasures!!!???. You are such a source of inspiration and life to my life. Can the grade be any better than that? Love You.

Images: 1-6 The ghostly creature of Florence Margaret. Behind the scenes of mine and Fleur's shoot for a German magazine. 7-8 A collaboration with Lowe Seger:) A Stunning Lisa. 9-12 Yet another shoot with darling Fleur:) haha. The sweet heart next to me is Amy Post. I was so cold. You should have seen me...!!! I was layered up for sure. On top of my own clothes? Rochas skirt and Hugo Boss fur vest haha.

13 Me and Love Fiona.

14-15 My lovely friend Jaime held a party at their beautiful place in Tunbridge Wells. One can see my post HERE.

16 A stunning "garden" outside of an apartment in Sloane Square:)

17 A cat in my area called Dulwich.

18: Laduree:) Yes once in a while haha. J'Adore. It equals Magic. Kisses.

19-24 Me:) Drinks papers and outfits= ME.



Laia said...

You've got a very big fan here! Keep up with the good work :) I am feelikeadoll on Tumblr btw and I simply adore every one of your stylings for editorials, definitely my style

Alice Saga said...

:):):) Such a lovely wonderful message!!! Happy you like my work.