Sunday, August 14, 2011

Diary 94: Some Days of Mine:)

I am still on "vacation":) But at home in Dulwich. Have not "moved" from here for so long now. Beautiful.
So happy at the moment because I just booked a flight to Stockholm!!! I am to walk around Djurgarden Every day for a whole week and take pictures of the stunningly beautiful swans that lives there! Too visit my fave places in this world. Sturekatten for example.

Images: 1 Had breakfast at Vintage Prettys the other day. I always come here when I have been a tiny bit bad...! You take a guess:) I love it there though. A place to go if you visit East Dulwich. 2-4 My Gardens where I live. So grateful to be here among so much beauty. 5 Met a lovely friend of mine that I've known for 10 years and whom I had not seen for ca 4 years. We went to Fortnum & Mason. 6 My Lovely Lovely local candy shop! I come here way too often...!!! Hope & Greenwood.Bold 7-8 Me, Candy, Wine & Magazines:) J'adore. 9 Went to this place in Peckham last Saturday. It's amazing. The place is called Frank's Cafe and Campari Bar. If you're here on a Saturday or Sunday...!!! Ohlalala. 10-14 Inspirations from my scrapbooks. 15 -21 Me:) My "vacation" outfits. The last image is taken by lovely friend Eric and it just shows how Happy I am at the moment. It's me at Franks Cafe and Campari Bar wearing my butterfly dress from H&M....I call it my July dress since I basically wore it half of that month haha.



valncami said...

really cute photos! love the feeling they bring together.

come visit us at our new site!

hope to hear from you soon!
xx, camilla and valerie

Alice Saga said...

Thank you Camilla and Valerie:) So happy you like.

will check your site now.