Friday, October 14, 2011

Diary 94: New York Part II

I Love New York! I have a strong need to move back.

I stayed with my best best friend Peter whom lives in Williamsburg. Took a couple of walks in the morning and crossed the Williamsburg Bridge:) (image 1). The cute The Bagel Store is located in Williamsburg (image 2). Image 3 is from somewhere on the Lower East Side...!!!! Day 3 I had so many appointments and came across Union Square Market. Such a lovely place to stroll around (image 4). On Saturday me and Peter had a whole day together Finally:) One outing was to a market which I think was in East Village close to 6 street (image 5). We found wonders. Economy Candy (image 6) is my fave candy store on Manhattan:). The Peninsula Hotel (image 7 & 12) used to be my regular place to sit and work at. It's kind of expansive but you get the best service and Most comfortable beautiful place to sit. Screaming Mimi's (image 8)is one Amazing vintage shop. See my self portrait? Their window display are always beautifully creative.  The Cupping Room Cafe (image 9) is located in Soho. Lovely place.  The next image( 10) used to be mine and my ex boyfriend's fave place. I used to sit here and do collages in the afternoon's when there was hardly any people there. During lunch and dinner it's packed. It's in the East Village. Image 11 is inspiration that I found inside ICP's store. At the Peninsula (image 12) editing.


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