Thursday, December 08, 2011

Alice Solantania Saga: Dear Diary

When I am not blogging here on Alice, I can always be found on my diary blog:

Alice Solantania Saga: Dear Diary 

It's a diary full of what inspires me and I post more of my outfits here as well. It's a tiny bit more of a personal space for me. Hope you like.

All these images are from this diary.

Top to bottom: 1 Me wearing a vintage dress and cardigan & antique cross. 2 Yesterday at the East Dulwich Tavern going through newspapers and magazines. 3 A behind the scenes photo. Rachel Pouwer is wearing a Betty Jackson dress, Atsuko Kudo latex collar and Mawi jewelry.4 Clockwise from top left: me in a Marc by Marc Jacobs printed shirt. The window of Rebecca Taylor in the meat packing district in New York. The Magnolia Bakery. Freemans. 5 Clockwise from top left: Laduree in London. An image from the Degas exhibit at The Royal Academy of Art. Sweet things from a cafe. Me at Coco Momo in Marylebone. 6 I went to see Lars von Trier's Melancholia yesterday, starring a Kirsten Dunst, and the visuals were So Stunningly Beautiful. A still from the movie.


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