Thursday, December 01, 2011

Diary 106: December 1st

Last day in New York. Flying home to London today. Don't want to leave. I really wanted to explore Antique Garage in Soho, but they were closed. Must have been way too early...! Anyhow, image 1 is taken from outside their window. Next time in New York:) Had to go someplace else for my  morning coffee so Cupping Room Cafe was my choice. Then off to mid town for the Christmas tree in Rockefeller center. Did walk around inside Rockefeller Center because I was Freeeezing cold. See the men waiting to have their shoes polished?!:) Lovely. Too Ben & Jerry's so colorful, did not have ice cream though. Too cold today for that. St. Patricks Church= Such Beauty. Then a last time at the lovely Peninsula on 55th street. Off to Peter now to get my bag and then the train for JFK. Hallelujah!:)

Images: 1 Antique Garage. 2 Flowers in Soho. 3& 4 Cupping Room Cafe on West Broadway. My coffee. 5&6 Within Rockefeller Center polishing shoes and some ice cream. 7 &8 Christmas at Rockefeller Center. So beautiful. 9 St. Patricks on Fifth Avenue. 10&11 The Peninsula.

See you in London.


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