Saturday, December 03, 2011

Diary 107: Some More New York:)

And....I just Love New York more than any other place.

Images: 1-11 Williamsburg:) Long walks in the mornings taking lots of pictures. I am addicted to the cinnamon buns ( I went Twice in one day) at the Peter Pan bakery:) GO if you are in the neighbourhoood. The cafe with the green awning and where one can take coffee to go is Heath Ledger's place. 12-15 The Lower East Side. Such a lovely place. 16-18= ME:) In image 16 I am wearing a Victorian blouse from Beyond Retro and a skirt I can not for my life remember where it is from. Gucci bag. 17 To Be Adored dress and a Gucci bag plus a Mulberry shopping bag from London's Fashion Week. 18 My Top Shop coat with my cute Chanel bag. Sunnies from Screaming Mimi's.

Some more New York:  HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.

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